Great Ocean Road suffers major tourism hit due to COVID-19

The winding roads are left quiet. Towns are vacant. Shops are closed. Landmarks are empty. The famous 243km road with spectacular views of the Southern Ocean falls silent as Matt Jones locks up his vans, uncertain of how long until he will be able to return to the road.   He greets me with an unnaturalContinue reading “Great Ocean Road suffers major tourism hit due to COVID-19”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

This video discusses how artificial intelligence is used in our everyday lives, and how technology is constantly advancing, and we are soon to have a future filled with AI. Through researching and creating my video, I discovered that I already was using artificial intelligence more than I thought I was. I didn’t realise how commonContinue reading “Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence”

I’m Watching you… Always Watching!

This video discusses how surveillance is constantly surrounding us, and how it impacts our everyday lives. Throughout the creation of the video, when I went out to find footage of surveillance cameras I was shocked about how many I found. In fact, the first step I took outside my house, I saw a camera onContinue reading “I’m Watching you… Always Watching!”

Instagram’s Attempt To Improve Mental Health Causes Outrage Amongst Influencers

Influencers are outraged by the recent trial to remove the number of ‘likes’ on Instagram. Users can no longer view the number of ‘likes’ on another person’s posts, and must click a prompt in order to see the number of likes on their own posts. The trial is taking place in Australia and several otherContinue reading “Instagram’s Attempt To Improve Mental Health Causes Outrage Amongst Influencers”

Social Media Animal Rights Activism Podcast

REFLECTION We live in a digital world where social media is constantly growing, and new, upcoming ways of communicating are always being made. This led me to creating a podcast which discusses the potentialities and risks that social media activists face, in attempt to drive social change. In particular, my focus is on animal activism,Continue reading “Social Media Animal Rights Activism Podcast”

My Travel Experiences Shaping My Online Identity?

Last year, I embarked on a five-month trip around the world, leaving me addicted to travelling and surrounding my life around it. When I’m not travelling, I’m planning my next trips by reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos and following travel instagram accounts. I believe that this trip had a huge part in creating myContinue reading “My Travel Experiences Shaping My Online Identity?”