Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

This video discusses how artificial intelligence is used in our everyday lives, and how technology is constantly advancing, and we are soon to have a future filled with AI. Through researching and creating my video, I discovered that I already was using artificial intelligence more than I thought I was. I didn’t realise how common it is used in my everyday life, through using my car, uber, google maps, spotify, and google searches.

The message I wanted to convey to the audience is that artificial intelligence already exists, and whilst it may seem like it’s a large and technical term, we all know what it is because we use it daily. The main idea I chose to explore was how we are currently using artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, and how it is advancing In the future for travel and weather.

Throughout the creation of my video I made sure I planned ahead of time, considering it was going to be a long 6 – 8 minute video. I researched and read scholarly sources surrounding the topic to make sure I knew what I was going to be talking about. I tried to engage a lot more with my audience by using a lot of face-to-face talking to the camera as well as the audio narration compared to my previous videos which contained less time on the camera and more audio narration. I feel a lot more comfortable filming myself, so it was less time consuming to film.

Editing is not my strong point, so I ensured that I watched lots of YouTube videos to help me learn new and advanced tools on iMovie, to create a better video, and more advance edits. I used fade in and fade outs to create a smooth transition between music and narration and had to edit my music volume so that my audience wouldn’t have to adjust the sound themselves throughout the video.  I tried to be as engaging as possible, using different tones in my voice, and using hypothetical questions to make the audience think and stay engaged. I added in a “like and subscribe” overlay over a video, which I never knew how to do before, and it seems really affective at the end and stands out.

I also ensured I used the rule of thirds to position my face slightly to the left of the camera with my eyes on the top line. This helped make sure I wasn’t too close or far away from the camera, and that my audience had a clear shot of me.

The music I used was  Visions By Lakey Inspired (CC BY – SA 3.0). I chose to use this music as it was slightly upbeat without being over the top and it’s a nice transition to mask the silence between clips.

I tried to film as much content as I could to make it easier for myself, however as I was away on holidays throughout the time of the assignment, I wasn’t able to get as much footage as I had of liked. I sourced a range of royalty free videos to use that were the most appropriate and fitted the topic.

I learnt a lot through creating this video. Firstly, being time management. I was away for 2 weeks in Port Douglas on a family holiday, and time slipped away from me to complete the assignment. Next time I won’t underestimate the amount of work that needs to go into a big video like this and start planning it sooner. Secondly, as I wasn’t in my own home filming, I had to make use of the materials around me trying to get the camera, so it was light on my face, but without background noise. As my family were home, and the pool was directly outside, it was hard to film without kids screaming and people talking. I overcame this issue by filming one afternoon when everyone was out of the house, so I could not get distracted or interrupted.

Overall, I am extremely proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone throughout this unit. I have noticed myself becoming more confident on camera every time, and my editing skills have improved immensely. I look forward to continuing using the knowledge I have gained to create videos in the future and continue learning new things!

Mollie Quinn.


Music: Visions By Lakey Inspired (CC BY – SA 3.0)

21st Century robots by Ralf Steinberger (CC BY 2.0)

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by Mike MacKenzie (CC BY 2.0)

Women Using Social Media On Her Phone – by Free HD Stock Footage.(CC BY- SA 3.0)

Social Media Animation by Free Stock Footage 4K (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Science by Free HD stock footage (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Working at the office by Free HD stock footage (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Royalty free Military footage by isloationfilms (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Free Stock Video Experimental Clip / Artificial Intelligence and Internet Technology, Cyber Big Data by Finding Footage (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Haenlein, M. and Kaplan, A. (2019). A brief history of artifical intelligence: on the past, present and future of artificial intelligence. Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2019].

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