I’m Watching you… Always Watching!

This video discusses how surveillance is constantly surrounding us, and how it impacts our everyday lives. Throughout the creation of the video, when I went out to find footage of surveillance cameras I was shocked about how many I found. In fact, the first step I took outside my house, I saw a camera on the neighbours house that I had never noticed before. The more and more I looked around, they were everywhere and it was rare if I couldn’t find one in a shop.

Originally I had planned to make this video have a positive view on surveillance, but after further research it made me question our freedom and privacy, and whether this type of security was it was over the top, and possibly a bit too much? 

So I combined the positive outcomes of surveillance such as public safety and deterring of criminals, whilst still including the ideas that we are constantly being watched even in our own homes. One way I tried to create a sense of fear was by using scary and dark music The house in the Middle of Nowhere By Darren Curtis  (CC BY – SA 3.0). It was a creative commons license that allowed me to use and adapt the music. I also made the decision to put a black and white effect over my videos to make it look more like CCTV footage and to also attempt to accentuate the fear in my audience. 

I filmed myself at the beginning, middle and end to ensure I was being authentic and personal with my audience, by greeting them and also finishing off the conversation by showing my face, rather than just a voice over the video. I thought that if I showed my face again in the middle, it helps the audience stay interested and involved. 

I ensured that I adopted the correct filming techniques, such as making eye contact with the lens to create the feeling of inclusiveness for my audience, and also used the rule of thirds so it was appalling to watch, and not feel claustrophobic. Surprisingly I was more confident, and it was a lot quicker to film than my first video. 

The editing of the video would have to have been the most difficult part. I haven’t done much editing before, so this was the biggest challenge for me. I used a combination of my own footage and creative commons footage to use in the overlays, to give visual images of what I was discussing. I struggled to find relatable videos for my topic of surveillance, but I managed to find a few that could fit in nicely. 

Problems that I encountered was during some of my filming, as some people were walking past constantly, so I was trying to make sure I didn’t accidentally get them in my footage. I struggled at first with not reading off my script and sounding like a robot, however I overcame this by practicing over and over again until I learnt my lines and it came naturally. I used iMovie to edit my video, however would like to try another application in my next video, to create a more engaging and advanced editing video. 

Overall, I am super proud of how confident I was making this video, and very happy with how it turned out! I’m excited to continue making videos, and will allow more time for the editing in future videos so I can try out some new things. 

Keep posted for more to come!!

Mollie Quinn. 


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Music: The house in the Middle of Nowhere By Darren Curtis  (CC BY – SA 3.0)

People Walking Past the Camera – Free Stock Footage For Commerical Projects by Cinesim Media.(CC BY- SA 3.0)

Women Using Social Media On Her Phone – by Free HD Stock Footage.(CC BY- SA 3.0)

People Passing by by Free Stock Footage 4K (CC BY- SA 3.0)

Social Media Animation by Free Stock Footage 4K (CC BY- SA 3.0)

New York City – Manhattan at night by Free Stock Footage 4K (CC BY- SA 3.0)

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